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Submission Form

DWC Submission form

DWC Submission form EXAMPLE

Instructions for filling out the Desert Wind Comics Submission Form.

Please completely fill out all of the personal information in the top right portion of the submission form (box A).

If paying via Check:

Please make the check out to Desert Wind Comics

If paying via credit card:

Please write the credit card number, expiration date, and 3-digit security number from the back of the card in the payment space of the form. (See below about billing)

If paying via PayPal:

Please send payment to

For each item submittedPlease completely fill in the information under “Comic” (box B). Refer to the pricing charts for the Base Fee. Write who you want to sign the book on the numbered lines underneath the comic title (box C). If you are getting an item signed by any Premium Signer such as Stan Lee or any other scheduled creator, please refer to the appropriate pricing sheet. If the item is being signed by any other creator, refer to our regular pricing chart. Remember to list any additional desired signatures and include the additional signature fee of $10 per creator under Add’l Fees (box E). If the creator charges a fee, enter this amount under Fees (box F). If you want to Fast Track modern or economy tier books, add $10 under Fast Track (box G). Sum the amounts and place in column Total (box h).

If your books are previously graded, enter the certification number and grade in box I.

If you have more than 3 signatures on one book, be sure to add $5 per additional signature over 3 to the base fee (box J) for a CGC labeling fee. CGC charges this fee to all customers.

Total the fees for all books on the page and enter at the bottom of the page beside Sub-Total (box K).

The return shipping charge from DWC back to the customer works as follows:

Because the difference tiered books have difference grading times, each tier would be shipped separately.

Our preferred and default method of shipping is fully insured FedEx. The first book is $25 and each additional book is $3 (for each tiered shipment). You can notate UPS (which is only insured to $100 for the entire shipment). UPS is $12 for the first book and $3 for each additional book. Add the Shipping Fees together and enter beside Shipping (box L)

Add both totals together and the form fee for the Grand Total. Enclose a copy of the filled out submission form with the items along with payment. If you do not enter your credit card number but wish to pay by credit card, we will send you a detail invoice with a link to pay but payment must be made when you receive the email with link. Invoices that must be billed repeatedly will incur a $5 billing charge and the books are subject to not being signed and submitted if not paid in a timely manner.

If you wish, you can e-mail us your details and we will calculate your totals.

Once you have sent the books, please send an e-mail to with a list of the books shipped as well as the shipping tracking number. Any questions should be e-mailed to us. Upon receipt of your books, you will get a confirmation e-mail to confirm.

NOTE: If you submit a graded comic book for signature, Desert Wind Comics must remove the comic book from the encapsulation at least 2 days prior to the scheduled event. Desert Wind Comics is not responsible for any resubmission fees if the requested signature creators cancel their appearance or cannot sign the book due to issues beyond control of Desert Wind Comics.